23 August 2020



New Life in France customers

New Life in France is committed to concrete values ​​for the training you are going to follow. At New Life in France, everything is done to provide you with a quality service. New Life in France is committed to :

– Respond quickly to all your requests

– Offer only services in which New Life in France is specialized

– Identify precisely the training objectives with you and adapt them to your needs

– Offer a training program that really matches your situation

– Adapt the content of the training sessions according to your needs

– Advise you in your approach to financial support for training

– Send a complete quote so that your choice can be made in knowledge of all the parameters

– Offer adapted educational and technical resources

– To offer quality trainers, graduates, qualified and experienced, with values ​​that correspond to those of New Life in France

– Introduce to the trainers before the start of the training for a transparent relationship

– Submit pre-training and post-training assessments to you

– Inform you of the conditions on the training offer, deadlines and results

– Keep you informed of the assessments following the post-training questionnaires

– Take into account the feedback from all trainees to improve the following trainings

– Provide you with your certificate of completion of training.