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Type of courses offered

Group courses

In small level groups, the rythme of learning can be light or intensive. The lessons take place in the school. These course can be combined with individual lessons.

Private tuition

Tailor made, individual lessons are focused on your specific needs and help you to make quick progress. They can be taken at the school, at home, or can be distance learning.

Corporate courses

One to one or group courses, at the school or online. Tailor-made tuition with highly qualified teachers, we adapt to your specific goals. Training can be financed throught the CPF or the training plan.

Exams preparation

We can help you prepare general language exams (DELF, DALF…) or professionnal ones (Bulats…)


French, english and italian are taught at all levels
french, english


The main goal is to ensure that the students quickly get the basis they need to communicate. The first lessons put them in practical situations of everyday life. At the same time, an intensive work on how to pronounce the language and how to understand the sounds is made.


The students reinforce their previous learnings and develop their lexical and grammatical knowledge. At this step, we give priority to oral understanding and producing.


At this level, we put the emphasis on linguistique knowledge (syntaxe, grammar, vocabulary) by studying different kinds of texts (litterature, newspapers, articles, songs...). Speaking and listening skills are practised in little debates for example.


In order to update the knowledge of the students, we do precise work on the linguistic part of the language. Speaking and listening are treated in a more complexe way, the students being encouraged to build their own argumentation.

French with specific objectives

At the same time, or independently, we teach French with specific objectives such as French for business, for tourism, juridic french... These lessons are adapted on specific requests and are mostly taught on individual or small group lessons basis.


« Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. » Benjamin Franklin

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Pauline Mourrat

Team manager and french teacher
Holder of a Master in French as a foreign language, she has been teaching French for more than 10 years to all kinds of students. French teacher and team manager in different schools, she created New Life in France in 2009.
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Cathy Corby

English teacher
Holder of a TEFL diploma and originally from Great Britain, Cathy has been teaching on the Côte d’Azur for over 18 years, working with students from 4 to 70. She has a passion for her job which reflects in her work.
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Tana Harvey

English teacher
Tana has extensive teaching experience on all levels. Holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Master of Arts degree in Art History, she teaches children and adults.
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Laurie Sigogneau

French teacher
Holder of a Master in French as a foreign language, she has taught in France and abroad to various kind of students in primary schools, with young people and adolescents on language courses as well as with adults in private lessons.

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