French Courses Online

At New Life in France, online or distance courses in French do not at all mean that the student is alone in front of its computer completing self-correcting exercises in French. Quite the opposite !

Our French courses online are a real educational face to face time with a qualified, experienced and native French speaking teacher.

Distance learning is effective and as interactive as a face-to-face lesson. Indeed, our teachers give students real exchange and communication time which allows clear progression in French.

Contents of our French courses online

Our French courses online are well elaborated by experienced teachers, adaptated to the student’s goals and needs. Whether it is private or group lessons, our distance French courses follow a specific framework announced to the student. Depending on the level and the objectives defined, the courses adapt to each individual and allow effective progression in a relaxed atmosphere.

A dynamic and rich interaction

Teaching lessons using Skype or Zoom allow a real face-to-face teaching while ensuring organizational comfort.

A wide range of training materials

Our teachers master the use of the Zoom and Skype platforms in order to provide interactive and comfortable course materials.

The documents (videos, audio, text) to be consulted are sent before the lesson so that everyone can make sure that they are received correctly and there’s no waste in the lesson time for opening and viewing the documents.

Also, teachers direct students to use some online tools on their own, between lessons, to complete the learning progamm. Nothing compulsory.

Finally, our school provides each student with a personal extranet space with e-learning work sequences.

Organisation of our French courses online

The platforms used for distance learning are Skype and Zoom (at the student’s choice). Class schedules must be respected in the same way as a face-to-face class.

Following French course online can save time (save time in transport) while maintaining a privileged student / teacher relationship.

Our French Courses